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Ontrak to College

Your Path to College Success | taught by Ontrak to College

Course description

This class gives you the tools and direction to become and informed consumer for college!

Tools for...

  • Understanding Your Finances
  • Calculating Affordability
  • Calculating EFC
  • Personality Profile
  • Career Profile
  • Career Search
  • College Search
  • Organization

And direction to answer these 4 questions...

1. What can you afford for college.

2. What degree(s) do you want to buy?

3. How much that will cost?

4. How you will pay for it?

Regardless of where you stand today, this class will make you an informed consumer for college!

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Ontrak to College
Ontrak to College

Since 1999, we have successfully guided hundreds of families through the college process. Some need little guidance, some don't know where to begin. Everyone is facing the same problem.

College is expensive, the process is complicated, parental help and finances are interwoven, and kids are expected to make huge life decisions with little help or perspective.

That is how Ontrak to College can help. We have taken our experience and expertise and systematically made it much simpler to answer 4 very important questions.

What you can afford. What you're buying. How much it will cost. How you will pay.

We created this class to give you the tools and direction to apply apply the uniqueness of your family's situation and your student, to help you make the decisions best for your family during the college process.